About Oxen.ai

Oxen.ai is a platform to enable easy management of machine learning datasets. Whether it’s Image Recognition, Text Classification, or Generative AI, Oxen’s version control to enable powerful data workflows so you can build and evaluate cutting-edge AI models.

Blog Content

Oxen's blog is meant to be a combination of examples of how to use the Oxen.ai platform as well as content about machine learning, data management, and artificial intelligence in general.

Nerd Herd AI Research Club

Every Friday we host a "Nerd Herd AI Research Club" where we cover topics spanning the wide landscape of AI. We dive deep into research papers, blog posts, books, and aim to make the Herd a little smarter every week. Feel free to sign up here: http://lu.ma/oxenbookclub

We post the videos to our YouTube Channel weekly, and post the notes to the blog for later reference.

Building an AI enabled product?

We'd love to see what you are building! Create a repository on https://oxen.ai and reach out at hello@oxen.ai with any feature requests.